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Blowing Rock

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Blowing Rock - Caldwell County, North Carolina

Photo by Holly Patrick

   A fanciful Native legend still entertains visitors at Blowing Rock, an immense cliff standing some 4000 feet above John's River Gorge. One of a handful of attractions in Watauga and Caldwell counties, this Blue Ridge Mountain scenic overlook has entertained visitors since 1933. A self-guided nature trail leads to an observation tower, picnic area, gardens and waterfall, and the actual Blowing Rock.
   Long ago, the tale tells of a Chickasaw maiden was attracted to a young Cherokee brave. She flirtatiously shot an arrow in his direction, and soon a courtship ensued. One evening, the glowing sunset brought them to Blowing Rock and its wonderful valley view. The sun's deep red hue signaled danger for the young brave. Keep in mind that North Carolina's northwesterly winds move through the valley and form a steady updraft along the cliff's edge. Torn between a duty to return to his tribe and the love of the young Chickasaw maiden, he leaped from atop of Blowing Rock. Day after day the young girl wept and prayed for her lover's return. One evening the sky turned deep crimson again, just as the day when her young brave was lost. A sudden wind blew up through the deep river gorge and returned the young brave to her open arms.

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