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North Canadian Sunset

North Canadian River

Photo by Laban West

     The North Canadian River forms in the northeast portion of New Mexico near the Sierra Grand Peak. The river's name is changed to Beaver in Oklahoma's panhandle and then returns as the North Canadian when it joins the Kiowa water flow. The North Canadian, dependant on seasonal rains, is part of the Canadian River Watershed, made up of the Cimarron to the north and the Canadian River to the south. These two major rivers begin their flows with springtime snowmelt in New Mexico's peaks of the Sangro de Cristo Mountains, near the Colorado border.
     Far from Canada, the origin of the river's name is a matter of conjecture. Some believe that French Canadian trappers applied the name, while others suggest that early Spanish explorers guessed that the river flowed from Canada.
     In this view, the late afternoon sunlight casts an additional tint to the already vivid red river banks and river bottom just outside of Oklahoma City. A river view is always a welcome sight, especially in this semi arid region of the country. Occasionally, during a summertime cloudburst, these river banks are covered by fast flowing water. Often times in dry conditions, the North Canadian is slowed to a trickle.



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