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Lake Champlain - Lakes to Locks Passage Scenic Byway, New York
Photos by Ben Prepelka
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   Connecting the town of Rouses Point, near the Canadian border, to Moriah Town Office Building (Orginally the main office for Witherbee-Sherman and Company)(Second Empire Design) - Port Henry, NY Waterford in the Albany vicinity, the Lakes to Locks Passage Scenic and Historic Byway follows one of New York's first waterways for over 200 miles. A combination of highways (US Rt 9, Rt 9N, Rt 22, US Rt 4) follows the entire length of Lake Champlain, the mid-Hudson River and the Champlain Canal (a connecting waterway). Recognized early on as a vital trade link, Native Americans, French, British and Americans all vied for control of this area. Today, the Lakes to Locks Passage Scenic Byway celebrates the historic and cultural aspects of this area, plus the recreational opportunities and beauty of this waterway. Lake Champlain and Moriah RR Number 20 Locomotive
   First proposed in 1812, the Champlain Canal was finally completed in 1832, while the upper section of the canal enjoyed early success even before its connection to the Hudson River in 1819. Cited as one of the most important waterways in early American trade, this All-American Byway invites travelers to imagine Revolutionary War history at Fort Ticonderoga, the battles at Saratoga, and Crown Point. While enjoying the beauty of Lake Champlain, byway travelers may learn of America's first iron ore industry at Port Henry and Moriah.
   Along with this beautiful view of lower Lake Champlain, inset photos include the Iron Center's Port Henry Depot Moriah Railroad and Mining Heritage Park. Moriah's Witherbee-Sherman and Company original office building (Second Empire style) stands on a hill above the Port Henry Depot, while the Lake Champlain and Moriah Railroad park train draws the attention of rail fans.
   Stretching out for 200 miles along this north-south waterway, byway travelers will find the Lakes to Locks Passage will take about four hours to drive. But with its long list of byway attractions, plan at least a few days and as much as two weeks to explore the area, all depending on your mode of transportation and individual interests. Recognized as an exceptional biking trail, Champlain Trail Bikeways are known to be among the best cycling routes in America.

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