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Guilford Courthouse Battle

Guilford Courthouse Battlesite

Photos by John Patrick

     Greensboro, North Carolina was the site of the largest Revolutionary War battle in southern United States. Lord Cornwallis led his army, made up of British troops and German allies (Hessians) against the American rebels. Major General Nathanael Greene's militia and Continental Soldiers defended the area around Guilford Courthouse. After a few hours of intense fighting, Greene's army was ordered to retreat. It was Major General Nathanael Greenea costly victory for Cornwallis, as he lost a quarter of his forces. This 1871 battle is viewed as the high-water mark of the British campaign. Seven months later, Lord Cornwallis surrendered to General George Washington.
     Nathanael Greene, born a Quaker pacifist, joined the militia's ranks as a private, much to his parents disliking. It wasn't long before Greene was promoted commander of the Rhode Island forces. Pictured here is a commemorative statue of Greene, located at the battle site.



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