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Pilot Mountain

Pilot Mountain - Pilot Mountain State Park, North Carolina

Photos by Ben Prepelka

     The Sauratown Mountains, North Carolina's most easterly range, stand as a bold contrast to the surrounding rippling hills of the piedmont. Named for local Native inhabitants, the ancient Sauratown Mountains have been well worn by eons of erosional elements, but still stand tall among the foothills.
     Known as Jomeokee to the Saura Indians, Pilot Mountain rises 1400 feet above the rolling plains. Seen from most any direction, the solitary mountain is capped off with two prominent peaks. Most Pilot Mountain State Park visitors are treated to nearly eye level views of Big Pinnacle, an immense knob with bare rock sides and a top covered in thick greenery. Little Pinnacle is close by, connected to its big sister by a long saddle. Once on top, park visitors are treated to marvelous views of the Piedmont Region.
     Serving as a landmark for area Natives and European settlers during the mid 1700s, the area gained its park status in 1968. Distant view Pilot Mountain While first time park visitors are enthralled with majestic views from a lofty perch on Little Pinnacle, regular park goers enjoy the park’s Yadkin River for canoeing and fishing. With this massive remnant of a Sauratown monadnock issuing an unspoken challenge, park rock climbers and cyclists eagerly take up the test. Although Big Pinnacle is off limits to climbing and rappelling, the rest of Pilot Mountain is one of the most popular climbing areas in North Carolina. For cyclists the main park road averages a 10 percent grade, with some switchbacks nearing 16 percent. A seven mile corridor links both sections of the park, offering plenty of territory to explore and enjoy.

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