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Ramp Creek Bridge (14-07-02)

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Ramp Creek Bridge 14-07-02 - Brown County State Park, Indiana

Photos by Ben Prepelka
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   The historic Ramp Creek Bridge, destined for the chopping block, was relocated in the 1930s. Thanks to efforts of Richard Lieber, the 1838 dual lane covered bridge was saved from being dismantled to make way for a DOT project. Originally spanning Ramp Creek in Indiana's Putnam County, the 110 foot long bridge was moved 130 miles south of Indianapolis to Brown County State Park.
   Set up at the north gate entrance, the oldest bridge in the state (and one of 98 covered bridges), greets visitors to Indiana's largest state park. Originally built by Henry Wolfe, the bridge continues to support park traffic.
   The 15,000 acre park was open in 1929. Its infrastructure dates back to Civilian Conservation Corps era, when young men were taught building techniques and trades. The Abe Martin Lodge is a fine example of CCC workmanship, constructed of local hand-hewn stone and oak timbers. For the nature lovers, there are year-round campsites and more than 18 miles of hiking trails. For those interested in a comfortable stay, the 84 room, 1932 Abe Martin Lodge is available. Furnished cabins meet those middle-of-the-road desires.

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