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Marconi Station Site

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Marconi Station Site - Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Photos by Ben Prepelka
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Inset photo courtesy NPS

   One of New England's most famous vacation Old Harbor Life Saving Station - Cape Cod National Seashore, Massachusetts destinations, Cape Cod, means different things for many visitors. Out on the arm, the National Park Service watches over 44,000 acres and 40 miles of pristine beach. Here at the Marconi Station Site, named for Guglielmo Marconi, the peninsula has narrowed to less than a mile. Sightseers are able to view the Atlantic Ocean as well as Cape Cod Bay, and explore the area where the Pilgrims first landed. From here they sailed to their final destination across the bay to Plymouth in 1620.
   Five working lighthouses, the Old Harbor Life Saving Station and the Atwood-Higgins House are a few reminders of the rich history found on Cape Cod. For those visitors who enjoy recreation, beachside activities Atwood-Higgins House - Cape Cod National Seashore, Massachusetts include windsurfing and hunting, as well as the typical mainstream recreational sports of biking, fishing, swimming and skating.
   The Cape Cod National Seashore provides no lodging or camping sites, but small towns and villages are spaced out all along the peninsula. The true vacationing season lasts from Memorial Day through Labor Day. And during the fall season, when most of the tourists are gone, accommodations and restaurants begin to close. Sometimes finding lodging and a good restaurant creates a bit of a challenge, but you must relish in the idea of an un-crowded Cape Cod.

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