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Lake Campbell

Lake Campbell

Photos by Julianne Bradford
Julianne Bradford Gallery

Archipelago, a pleasant sounding word from the Greek, is used to describe the San Juan Island chain of Washington State's Puget Sound. Fidalgo Island is one of 700 islands in the archipelago, and one of the few 100 that are inhabited. The island measures a little over 44 square miles, with its major city, Ancortes, taking up a quarter of the land. Islanders make their living from endeavors ranging from alpaca ranching to whale watch tour guides.
Lake Campbell, pictured here, is one of seven island lakes. Its claim to fame is the lake's island, an unusual island on an island. Although these freshwater lakes provide game fish, the majority of the islands anglers take to the sea. Six island based marina give a great example the islanders love of the water, and their ties to the Puget Sound.
Fidalgo Island in only 90 miles from Vancouver or Seattle, and is accessed by Route 20 or the Washington State inter-island ferry.



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