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Route 66 Museum

Route 66 Museum - Clinton, Oklahoma

Photos by Ben Prepelka

     Both in Europe and America, the first automobiles were hand built, one by one, and priced well out of reach by the average Route 66 Museum American. Henry Ford changed all that, producing a Model T on an assembly line in 1908 for 825 dollars. Selling over 10,000 autos the first year, Ford was able to streamline production and drop the price to 575 dollars by 1914.
     It's difficult to imagine today, but roads in the early 1900s were mainly dirt wagon trails, loosely called highways and nearly impassible in wet weather. In the American West, even more so. With thousands of automobiles on the roads, Carl Fisher proposed the first transcontinental highway in 1912, hoping to link New York with San Francisco in time for the 1915 Panama-Pacific Exposition. Will Rogers Highway Memorial Plaque Although Fisher failed to receive full support from private industry, his dreams would eventually materialized with construction of the Lincoln Highway.
     What followed in 1916 were more plans to link the east with the west, spawning another all-weather road from Chicago to Los Angeles. Route 66, initially a two lane road running 2448 miles, is one of America's most famous highways. Even though decommissioned over 25 years ago, the Will Rogers Highway is still as popular as ever. And Oklahoma boasts more miles of original highway than any other state.
     Celebrating Route 66 history in Clinton, Mother Road travelers shouldn't miss Mother Road Licence Plate the Oklahoma Route 66 Museum. Filled with the images, icons and myths of America's highway, the Oklahoma Historical Society has gathered a treasure trove of collectables from the past 60 years. Reopened in 1995, an audio tour and music accompany guests as they stroll through the World's largest curio cabinet.
     Modest admission fees and gift shop proceeds aid the museum's daily operating expenses and programs.

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