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Cape Neddick Lighthouse

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Cape Neddick Lighthouse - York, Maine

Photo by Jack Ryan
Jack's Zenfolio Gallery
Inset photograph by Scott Gile - Brewster House Inn

     Maine's rocky and irregular coastline, a mariner's torment, turns out to be a photographer's delight. And all the shutterbugs intrigued with Maine's lighthouses will find plenty of opportunities along 3500 miles of shoreline. Proudly sitting on the rocky Nubble Island, the Cape Neddick Light Station enjoys one of Maine's picturesque lighthouse settings. Sometimes referred to as simply Nubble Light, the lighthouse marks the north end of Long Beach and Cape Neddick Point.
     This classic style lighthouse is now automated, but the vacant light-keeper's building Traditional Holiday Lights - Cape Neddick Lighthouse, Maine and other out-buildings are a big of the lure during the year-end holiday season. Sitting atop a large rock island a few hundred feet from Maine's shoreline at Sohier Park, the Cape Neddick "Nubble" Lighthouse was one of the first lighthouses to put on a cheerful light-show for the holiday. Now an annual tradition, countdown to the first lighting of winter season at the lighthouse is slated for the first Saturday after Thanksgiving. The lighthouse is adorned with thousands of colorful lights, outlining the light station buildings and tower. Adding more pizzazz to this beautiful setting, Nubble Lighthouse was one of the first American lighthouses to dress up for the holiday. For those unable to enjoy this holiday festival of lights in December, a repeat Christmas in July performance allows summer residents and visitors have a chance to enjoy the magical setting in short sleeves.
     The beacon was first put into service in 1829, and is still active today. Although the town of York has obtained ownership of the light-station property, the U.S. Coast Guard maintains the lighthouse.
     Nubble's historical archives tell of a system to deliver supplies from the mainland to the island lighthouse. Cables strung across the narrow channel supported a trolley basket, making it much easier to haul in the groceries. The sharp witted lightkeeper, David Winchester, shipped his son off to school in the basket. When Coast Guard caught wind of the story, Winchester's unique use of the transit system was discontinued.

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