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Shequaga Falls

Shequaga Falls - New York

Photo by Ben Prepelka

     New York's Finger Lakes Region, named after a handful of long, thin lakes south of Syracuse, is also a land of gorges, streams and waterfalls.
     Just west of Ithaca, the village of Montour Falls boasts one of the area's most impressive waterfalls. Dropping 156 feet to the Glorious T, the waterfall seems to flow right into the heart of town. Located at the intersection of Main and Genesee streets, the falls is a big part of the Montour Falls Historic District. Two dozen historic structures line Genesee Street, including the court house, sheriff's office, the Montour Falls Memorial Library and well-kept late 19th century homes.
     Known as Tumbling Waters to Native American, Shequaga Falls is sometimes called Montour Falls by those struggling with the Indian name. From the park, built at the base of the falls, a bank of lights creates a beautiful night setting. Mill Creek Bridge spans the head of the falls, offering another breathtaking view of the town and waterfall.



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