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Golden Triangle

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Golden Triangle - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Photos by Ben Prepelka
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   The Golden Triangle, located at the confluence of the Allegheny and Monongahela rivers, form the heart of Pittsburgh's commercial center. Here, steel city fortunes were made by the famous 20th century industrial giants, including Henry Frick, Andrew Carnegie, Thomas A. Mellon, George Westinghouse, and Henry Heinz.
   Point State Park, a National Historic Landmark, is located on the tip of Pittsburgh’s Golden Triangle. Here within Point Park is the Fort Pitt Museum and a replica of an eighteenth century British fort.
   Today, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania has seen a resurgence, from a steel town, into Point of View - bronze sculpture by James A. West one of America's most livable cities. Most modern employment is derived from hi-tech fields, including medical research, software, advanced computer research and robotics. The mainstay industries, steel, aluminum, petro-chemicals and coal keep Pittsburgh's inland waterways one of the country's busiest.
   This city scene was taken from the Grand View Scenic Byway, a three mile byway that skips along the cliff's edges of Mount Washington. A bronze sculpture by James A. West marks one end of the Grand View Avenue Scenic Byway. The scupture, named Point of View, depicts George Washington and the Seneca leader Guyasuta in a face-to-face meeting taking place in October, 1770.

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