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Oakland Bay Bridge

Oakland Bay Bridge - California

Photo by Scott Dommin
Scott's PBase Gallery

     Not nearly as famous as its neighbor the Golden Gate Bridge, the Oakland Bay Bridge is often considered as a bridge system. Conceived nearly a century beforehand, the American Bridge Company began construction in 1933. Designed by Charles H. Purcell, the bridge system was considered a modern engineering marvel. Split into two major sections, the western span connected San Francisco with a small island near the middle of San Francisco Bay. Yerba Buena Island, housing a naval base, became the bridge system's midpoint anchor. The island's central rocky hill required the largest bore tunnel in the world. This huge amount of earth was used to create the adjacent Treasure Island. Now home to 1500 people, Treasure Island seems to have that extra special attraction for movie makers.
     The eastern span, covering nearly two miles between Oakland and Yerba Buena Island, was set on old-growth timbers, sunken into the muddy river bottom. This cantilever bridge, currently obsolete, is being replaced by new construction. On the Oakland side, a toll plaza is spread over 18 lanes, with six dedicated to the FasTrak system. Traffic back-ups are common during the A.M. rush hour commute, with traffic backing to interstate 580 and 880. Similar tie-ups are common on the San Francisco side during the evening commute. This cool night view of the Bay Bridge was shot from Treasure Island, capturing the warm glow of the City by the Bay.



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