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Lansing Farm - Field of Dreams

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Lansing Farm - Field of Dreams, Dyersville, Iowa

Photos by Ben Prepelka
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   Towering over Iowa's long rolling hills and vast stretches of farmland are the twin spires of the Basilica of Saint Francis Xavier. Marking Basilica of Saint Francis Xavier the center of the town of Dyersville, the church makes a strong statement with its bold example of 16th century Medieval Gothic architecture.
   Just outside of town is a totally different landmark. Located in the middle of a vast corn field is the 100 year old Lansing family farm and a most unusual find ... a baseball diamond. Now recognized worldwide, Dyersville visitors Home Plate - Field of Dreams Movie Set come to east-central Iowa to see the 1989 movie set for the Field of Dreams. Based on a novel of Shoeless Joe, the movie was nominated for Best Picture and has stirred millions to go for their dreams. It's been said that the best thing about this place is what isn't here. Here, visitors use their own imagination and provide their own dreams.
   The Field of Dreams idea ties in nicely with New Year's resoultions. People like the idea of a fresh start, and a time for change. Every new year is an opportunity to start off with a clean slate, refocus on priorities and set new goals for a productive future.

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